The Radej Island Conscious Living Retreat, Murter Croatia

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Given that our retreats can accommodate one or two people only, we tailor our retreats according to your needs and length of stay. The four key elements of our customised retreats are Integral Hatha yoga (Iyengar tradition), Massage Therapy (Lomi Lomi Hawaiian tradition), Stott Pilates, and healthy food according to your dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or raw food).

Your retreat program can be as short as 3 days or as long as 15 days. An example of one Radej Retreat day can look like this:

As you open your eyes you wake up to a stunning sunrise across a calm blue ocean that you see from your bedroom window. Your hosts will serve you a detoxifying drink to start your day. A yoga or pilates morning session will follow on a platform that overlooks the surrounding islands. Breathing exercises and meditation will then bring you to a peaceful state of mind.

A fresh breakfast will await you on one of our many terraces. This is a retreat for you to have time with yourself, which you can spend as you like; reading, swimming, sipping tea, snorkelling, kayaking, walking around the island or simply sunbathing on our private quay.

If you wish to deepen your experience, Frederic will take you into another world with a 2-hour massage journey. In the evening your hosts can take you to their favourite spot for a contemplative sunset.

Your nutritious evening meal will be served under the stars and lit by candles.

In order to design a retreat that is just right for your body, mind and soul we will ask you (and your partner or friend) to answer a few questions via email. Prices vary according to the season, your length of stay and range of chosen retreat experiences. Please contact us and we will customise a holistic retreat designed just for you.


Integral Hatha Yoga in the Iyengar Tradition

In the spirit of our Integral Yoga practice (see our story) Frederic is open to share his 25-year hatha yoga experience. He personally owes his yoga practice to B.K.S Iyengar who is considered to be the main pillar of the Hatha yoga heritage. Iyengar is still alive today at the age of 95 and is considered one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world.


His style has taught Frederic precision, discipline, endurance, and alignment. Iyengar yoga has totally transformed Frederic’s body since he began his training and following the practice described in his book: Yoga Dipika (Lights on Yoga). Frederic followed his 7-year programme, specifically designed for the advanced students who want to make yoga central to their lives. However, over 25 years of Yoga practice and thanks to Frederic’s other bodywork experience (Watsu, massage, Tai Chi) he has developed his own yoga style. While Iyengar Yoga is considered to be strenuous, Frederic’s adopted style still involves his precision and held postures (asanas) but in a more gentle way.

Please note that regular yoga sessions are only provided as part of our retreats. However, private one-to-one yoga lessons are available upon appointment and as per our availability. Transport to the island not provided.
Drop-in price: 50 Euros for a session of 90 min.


Irena is trained in the STOTT Pilates matwork method. This particular form of Pilates is an evolved version of traditional Pilates, as it takes into consideration recent scientific research about the body. STOTT Pilates is based on five principles that are key to bringing the body into proper alignment. Focused on strengthening the core abdominal muscles, Pilates can significantly improve one’s posture. While yoga is practiced in order to gain flexibility and a calm mind, Pilates is aimed at toning the body at a deeper level than most workouts. In this light, it is a complimentary practice to yoga, which can be incorporated together at the Radej Retreat.


Meditation is a way to reconnect with oneself. We use breathing and concentration on a certain part of the body in order to bring a calm state of mind. It is a beautiful took to give us awareness of how the mind functions and is therefore the first step to a peaceful state of being. At Radej Retreat we practice meditation either seated or lying down with a guided journey through the body which is called Yoga Nidra.

Our story

Concious Retreat

"We are all born with a life seed within. While the essence of this seed is the same, what comes out from that seed is entirely ours."