The Radej Island Conscious Living Retreat, Murter Croatia

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1. ‘Your hands are magic. They were dancing on my body and spoke to the cells, the tissue….what a body communication. I feel renewed and rejuvenated. Thank you so much! Exceptional work’ (Dr. Med. Christiana, Germany)

2. ‘Truly a remarkable experience – like nothing I ever felt before….I feel as though I am still putting my pieces together and yet I feel more ‘whole’ and in my body than I think I have ever felt in my life…Thank you Frederic – your gift, your magic should be experienced by everyone on the planet!!! I will treasure this experience and my time here in Auroville. I feel open, alive, and surrounded by love and peace. Thank you again! Warmest regards and a little peace of ‘Down Under’ (Jane, Australia)

3. ‘To Frederic with golden, friendly hands. Thank you!! (Mauree, Belgium)

4. ‘Absolutely amazing! This was not only a massage, this was a wonderful gift! I never ever had a massage like this. Frederic, you have found what you are made for. And thank you so much. I am seldom out of words – you find me absolutely speechless’. (Claudia, Germany)

5. ‘I feel amazing, calm, relaxed, pain free. Frederic, you are the ‘body whisperer’! Thank you so much for giving so freely and completely to help make me feel better. If I lived here in Auroville, I would be on your doorstep weekly. With appreciation I return your blessings. (Hewen, Niamaste, Austria)

6. ‘This was more than a massage. It was an experience, healing, release, re-energising of breath and a sacred experience. Deepest thanks’. (Susan Smith, USA)

7. ‘I feel as though as I have participated in some sacred ritual. One of the most loving experiences I have had’ (Joanna, USA)

8. ‘Thank you, thank you. This was more than a massage. It was a healing. Your hands, your love, your voice, your compassion, all came through. The most incredible experience so far in India for me. Blessings to you’ (Eva, USA)

9. ‘In my whole time, I’ll never get so amazing, fantastic and powerful massage. Thank you VERY much for healing! With love and gratitude (Kahin, Hungary).

10. ‘A magical experience of generosity and care! I am so grateful and blessed! Lots of kisses and gratitude’ (Veronique, French Tahiti/Switzerland).

11. ‘I have never had such a massage! Especially the combination with the sounds is really special and amazing… a North American medicine man. Thank you! Merci beaucoup. Viel Dank’ (Uli, Germany)

12. ‘Beautiful hands, gentle and strong. Deep, relaxing and touching all the way to my heart. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience’ (Tina, Dr physiotherapist, Germany)

13. ‘I am so grateful for such a loving experience. I have never had a massage that engaged every part of me. Bless you for sharing this’ (Kimberley, USA)

14. ‘Thank you so much! Your massage took me into another dimension of my body and my mind. I have no words to describe this experience’ (Fabio, Spain)

15. ‘Frederic you are a gift! A True Gift. Thank you!’ (Carol, USA)

16. ‘I felt peace and great relaxation. It seemed like you used a very wonderful and different technique. You must spent great energy or is it an energy exchange? Fantastic piano music at the end made it magnificent! (Annie, Germany)

17. ‘Thank you Frederic, you are a true healer. Your gift has resonated thru my soul! Much gratitude. I am so at peace. Namaste’ (Monica, Italy)

18. ‘Cher Frederic, Merci pour cette experience unique; rolling in the river, sounds, seeing all the chakras, feeling utterly relaxed….you are a very talented man! Thank you for your generosity! (Roxane, France).

19. ‘Dearest Frederic! Natural, Pure, Going Deep, Trust, Stillness, Joy, Movements…It’s warm inside and outside of me. Thank you for your presence and your gift. You are Healing the World Through Your Hands. I feel blessed’ (Alexandra, Austria)

20. ‘Cher Frederic, Une experience inoubliable, tu m’as fait du bien au corps et à l’esprit. Un vrai delice et un cadeau, merci’ (Fabienne, France)

21. ‘Thank you Frederic for this wonderful massage - the best in my life. With love’ (Kerstin, Germany).

22. ‘Thank you Frederic for this amazing massage, I felt deeply relaxed, indeed you are the body whisperer! Full of gratefulness’ (Marianne, France)

23. ‘Kao sto sam ti i rekla nakon masaze: ‘ti si Bog!’, odvodis u predivne sfere; tijelo nestaje, um miruje a srce se raduje i kupa u ljubavi….Hvala dragi Frederic’ (Bozena, Hrvatska)

24. ‘Pure love and energy in every stroke, touch, whisper and scent. WOW. I feel blessed’ (Noa, Israel)

25. ‘Enfin profondement relaxee, grace à ce massage d’exception!! Exceptional. Infiniment Merci’ (Nadine, France)

26. ‘Dear Frederic, I have no words to express the wonder of the treatment: ancient pain moved and for now there is peace. Gratefulness, thank you’ (Andjela, Germany).

27. ‘Beauty! Orange yellow in abundance! With gratitude. (Eva, Sweden)

28. ‘I am really grateful…. Amazing Healer! Thank you soooo much….’ (Gabriele, Austria)

29. ‘Wow. Awesome Experience in my life. No words for this. I am relaxed. I have a feeling that you gave me new life. Thank you Frederic. Thanks a lot.’ (Ishika, Austria)

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