The Radej Island Conscious Living Retreat, Murter Croatia

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When booking with us, the following dietary options are available: Vegetarian, Vega, Gluten free, Raw Food

An example of our menu

Organic Carrot and Croatian Hazelnut Chilled Soup
Main course
Beetroot, Tomato and Rocket Salad (Brac island goat cheese optional)
Served with home-made spelt bread (yeast-free) and vegan pesto spread
Home-made Wild Fig and Walnut Vegan Ice Cream

In today’s world, most of our food looses its nutrients by the time it reaches the shelves of supermarkets. Hence, to eat fresh, organic and locally produced food has become a true luxury. Moreover, medical research increasingly shows that most of our modern diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyles and processed food consumption. As a consequence, more and more people are switching to vegetarian, vegan or raw food diets. These shifts also relate to the global awareness that animal production for human consumption is unsustainable for our highly populated planet.

In this light, at the Radej Retreat we aim to provide our guests with vegetarian, locally sourced and organic food wherever possible. Your hosts, Irena and Frederic, work with food and nutrition awareness (from India to Croatia). In India, we run an organic Soya production unit ( AUROSOYA WEB SITE). and soon to be opened a small vegan café. Being highly aware that healthy food is an important part of the mind, body and soul balance, we prepare conscious food to suit different dietary needs. However, we exclude meat and seafood from the Radej Retreat menu. Yet, we understand that guests may wish to try fresh local seafood for which there is a range of restaurants on the surrounding islands and for which we can make the necessary arrangements to take you there.


Our co-existence between India and Croatia gives us a true privilege to connect different worlds of living. While Auroville in its aspiration to endlessly experiment gives us the opportunity to continuously progress, the island gives us another beautiful chance to share the Auroville spirit in the sacred space of our House of Conscious Living. Envisioned as a dream to be a space designed for material and spiritual research, Auroville is founded on principles and practice of Integral Yoga (Sri Aurobindo). 

In the West, Yoga is often associated with physical Hatha Yoga in combination with meditation and breathing exercises. Yet, different forms of yoga exist in the East that are translated into a diverse range of techniques, aiming to realise ‘the Union with the Divine’ which in original Sanskrit means Yoga. Some of them are: Hatha yoga (asanas); Bhakti yoga of love; Raja yoga of knowledge, and so on. Each one of these approaches addresses different parts of our being – mental, emotional and physical and one often chooses a method or approach that suits one the best. It is vital to stress here however, that the Divine means - consciousness that is in all things – manifested and non-manifested.

Yet, whichever method we choose, if it does not have the power to transform life at all levels –individual and collective, it remains an incomplete venture (Sri Aurobindo). In other words, life itself needs to become the land of our conscious action and yoga living. Thus if we approach life consciously, everything we do becomes yoga: work in the garden, cooking, speaking, eating, showering, driving, doing sport, dancing and so on.

Our story

Massage & Yoga

"We are all born with a life seed within. While the essence of this seed is the same, what comes out from that seed is entirely ours."