The Radej Island Conscious Living Retreat, Murter Croatia

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THE RADEJ ISLAND Conscious Living Retreat

Experience the magical atmosphere of Radej, an unpopulated Croatian island at the gateway to the renowned National Park of Kornati islands. If you are in the need to re-connect with yourself in the beauty of a simple and natural environment, away from the tiring pace of modern life, to feel the full peace of olive trees, starry nights, sunrises and sunsets, the sound of the waves and outdoor showers – our place is for you. Our stone house is well hidden amongst olive trees and sits alone in the bay. Designed to live in harmony with her natural surroundings she collects rainwater and uses the sun to give us light and electricity. While sensing and listening to the quietness of the night she often invites us to melt ourselves in the warm atmosphere of the candle light…we call her Savitri and she is a giver of love and the art of living. She is simple and discreet, yet incredibly powerful in her silent presence. She has been designed to nourish the body and soul. Due to her healing powers, we have guarded her secretly for a long time as a precious pearl that we shared only with family and friends. We are now happy to ‘bring’ her to the world.

Our Mission

Our House of Conscious Living, Savitri, aims to be a platform to connect conscious hosting in conscious interaction with conscious travellers. Our hosting involves bodywork awareness through yoga, massage, meditation, dance, swimming and healthy food in the welcoming spirit of the island ambiance filled with our art and creativity. Our visitors get the opportunity to (re)connect with themselves through the magic of the island which creates perfect conditions for the offerings we provide. They also support the local economy by consuming local food produce (olive oil, cheese, fruit, essential oils and so on) that we use to make the whole experience truly local and unique.

Our Vision

Our Savitri is a symbol of a tiny awakened cell in the collective body of Mother Earth. She dreams to multiply spaces and different ways of conscious living around the world. We envision spreading her positive resonance by providing a space for human transformation.

Conscious Travel

Conscious Travel is a movement and a global community that enables places to attract and welcome guests in a manner that doesn’t cost the earth. Conscious Travel means being mindful of the impact and opportunities within travel as hosts and visitors while taking action to advance the best possible outcomes for all. Tourism is system of three elements: Places, Guests and Hosts. As such, it’s all about people. If people change their values and their perception of how the world works, then everything else changes.

The Radej Retreat is part of this growing global movement and is fully committed to this conscious revolution from business as usual to a future fit world.

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Concious Retreat

"We are all born with a life seed within. While the essence of this seed is the same, what comes out from that seed is entirely ours."